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Charlotte van Ruijven (to be edit)

Project Dream Drift 

In the middle of everything happening on this planet, in our society, the good and the rotten, there are glimpses of pureness. The rising sun. A smile of a stranger. Art that moves you deeply. A physical touch. The sound of the sea. Small things, nonetheless majestic. 

Moments to dream and to behold the continuous motion of everything around. The good does not last and neither does the bad. Those glimpses of pureness shape freedom for me. Moments of silence in time and space that pull you back to the present. To now. Freedom is to be found in the now.

I display an alternative reality with my collection of works. Where fragments of realities merge in a surreal way filled with emotions, impulses, and longings. A world of drift. All of which is and may be. Wherever there is space to breathe. Space to dream. Space to associate. 

That space is freedom. Freedom for one is suffocation for another. Everyone’s perspective counts. Project Dream Drift is an invitation to wonder. An ode to the curious being, the dreamer, present in all- a little more hidden in some than in others.

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Rotterdam Photo

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