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Public transport

From Central Station:

1. Tram 7, direction: Willemsplein, stop: Willemsplein

2. Underground subway, route D, direction: de Akkers, stop: Leuvehaven

3. Underground subway, route E, direction: Slinge, stop: Leuvehaven
(from the subway it is a 5 minute walk to Rotrterdam Photo festival.)

National public transport information number: 0900-9292 (€0.70 p/m)


1. There is ample paid car parking in the adjoining Erasmus Multi-storey car park. Please be aware: payment for parking elsewhere can only occur via vehicle registration parking! There is free parking for buses close to the departure points.


Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

Exhibitions on this location:

“A paysage should be a portrait. If it is not quite similar to nature, then what is in it?”

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What makes a place special? What is its aura, its character? Which spirit lives in it?

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Autside - ‘My name is Emma Pille. I am 24 years old and I have autism. In 2017 I started studying photography at the Fotovakschool, but unfortunately, I had to stop here. After I had to quit because there was too much confusion for me and I got depressed, I wanted to start a project about autism.’

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What once started with performing a rain dance has grown into influencing, manipulating the weather by making it rain at desired times. Clouds are fascinating. They have a romantic, dreamy appearance but can also be terrifying and threatening. Clouds are indeterminate, have no specific location, and are in constant motion.

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