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Public transport

From Central Station:

1. Tram 7, direction: Willemsplein, stop: Willemsplein

2. Underground subway, route D, direction: de Akkers, stop: Leuvehaven

3. Underground subway, route E, direction: Slinge, stop: Leuvehaven
(from the subway it is a 5 minute walk to Rotrterdam Photo festival.)

National public transport information number: 0900-9292 (€0.70 p/m)


1. There is ample paid car parking in the adjoining Erasmus Multi-storey car park. Please be aware: payment for parking elsewhere can only occur via vehicle registration parking! There is free parking for buses close to the departure points.


Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

Exhibitions on this location:

‘Forty Plus’ is a delicate visual journey through Carole Rey's intimate wardrobe mixed with botanical elements.

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My wife and I were standing at a souvenir shop somewhere in Vienna. Everything around us was decorated with Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”.  

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‘Made in China’ wonders whether as we reach the end of this pandemic, is our supposed, new found appreciation of the simpler things and social equality happening, or instead will our approach to China, to economic globalisation, mass consumerism, corporate tax-avoidance and drive for individual wealth, remain the same.

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The project ‘Make it better’ is a graphic representation, in an ironic and light-hearted way, of finding the good in ourselves and transposing it into the things around us.

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With this project, the artist tries to reflect the feelings of her generation. a generation that cries out for self-realisation. A generation that is brave enough to be themselves and to push boundaries. Boundaries of freedom and love for oneself.

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