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Zhouzhe Jiang


Just like objective and subjective, Positive also exists relative to Negative. And most people, including him, are usually unstable and uncertain between these two states.

In July 2021 – London, he tested positive for COVID-19. Interestingly, the self-test results were all negative from the second day onwards so, in this state given by the outside world, he is a superposition of positive and negative.

At the same time,  he looks at the entire set of works through the perspective that photography presents. He observed that he became an overlapping individual of subjective and objective. The so-called objectivity is nothing but the common belief of a group of subjects but, it may not be an objective truth. However, it plays the role of objective truth in practice. It is a kind of ‘intersubjective’ truth.

Because of the transparent nature of the material itself, it will reflect the so-called concept of the “invisible’’ that ends up binding people with potential constraints. The nonconceptual was stripped from its original role and transformed into a new being.

The produced work is his thinking about the sudden and objective social identity and state that he has imposed on himself. He formed clashing thoughts about the constraints of objectivity and the potential constraints of the transparent nature of subjectivity.


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Rotterdam Photo

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