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Vincent Carpentier (to be edit)

“In truth, that which you call freedom is the strongest of these chains, though its links glitter in the sun and dazzle your eyes” 

Khalil Gibran, The prophet

We already knew it before the Covid health crisis: freedom is an ideal, a utopia. The first of the freedoms that we do not have is that of being born and dying. Transhumanism, assuming it will succeed, has not yet freed us from this reality. Between these two moments, birth and death, we struggle to live as “free” as possible. 

The recent health crisis and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have reminded us of the fragility and relativity of our pseudo-freedom. Sometimes, we are the ones who have the legitimate desire for transparency and traceability, but the instruments and technology are likely to reduce it. We ourselves become traceable, identifiable and controllable at will. Perhaps redefining our freedom will involve questioning our relationship to technology.

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Rotterdam Photo

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