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Vanessa Leissring

About 400 million tons of plastic is produced every year. Too much of it ends up in the sea: two thirds of all marine waste today consists of plastics. There is plastic on beaches, in marine sediments, in sea strudels. We are suffocating in plastic waste. Microplastics are a deadly danger for fish, marine mammals and seabirds. Conventional plastics such as PET are not biodegradable and are only slowly decomposed by salt water and sun, forever left to float in the sea as ever finer particles.

In contrast, flowering plants are part of the natural material cycle. They grow, blossom, wither and are at some point biologically decomposed by microorganisms. They serve as the basic material for the creation of new life by producing the oxygen that is essential for life. Vanessa Leissring’s ‘Polyflowers’ is a photographic project that deals with the contrast between the natural and the synthetic color spectrum: flowers in plastic bottles, nature in polymers. Through color blocking, plastic and nature are juxtaposed in their colors.


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Rotterdam Photo

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