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Vanessa Leissring (to be edit)


‘Ecce Homo – know what you are and become who you are.’ 

This famous sentence by the Greek poet Pindar, to which Friedrich Nietzsche often refers in his famous work, is still relevant after 2500 years. Today it would have to be modified to: Become the person you feel like- the woman, the man or everything in between that you are.

But how do I recognize what I am? And how do I become one? How do I see myself? Am I more of a man? More of a woman? Am I Non-binary? What constitutes my gender identity anyway? Does how I define my identity also influence what I see in other people? Where is the border between gender and sex? What is predominant in the end?

The gender project is about people who do not conform to the classical understanding of roles and the binary division of genders. They dissolve the boundary between female and male. Only the facial expressions and gestures of the people photographed reveal how they define themselves. Diversity and the “third gender”, becomes visible for the first time.

In the project ‘Anamesa’, freedom is understood as the possibility of being able to choose and decide between different gender possibilities without coercion. Being able to move freely in a society without fears and restrictions is a privilege.

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