Rotterdam Photo

Ute Klein


How do we love? How do we relate to each other? To where do I reach and from where do we begin? The images deal with the complexity and constant ambiguity of emotional relationships between lovers. Sometimes it is light and simple, a dance, a swing. And sometimes it is tangled, a struggle and tugging. And what happens when it comes to starting a family, and when lovers need to find new role models again? A new dance of transition begins. While preparing for the new, anxiety, anticipation and uncertainty go hand in hand with constant physical changes. 

There is something to be said about love in this work. And it speaks from within the stacked up, twisted and flexed bodies. In raising and stretching and folding, in loosening and entwining. 

Ute Klein is an artist and photographer who lives and works in Berlin. In her work, she explores the genre of still life in a way that challenges our perception and acceptance of the photographic image. She is interested in sculptural, performative as well as spatial aspects of image composition. 

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Rotterdam Photo

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