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Sunniva Hestenes

“Hamskifte” is a photographic project of Sunniva Hestenes that tries to explore how an image can provoke emotionally charged reactions using colors and associations. With this thought and a starting point in her own emotional life, Sunniva wants to understand more about her own fear of expressiveness. Photography as an expressive medium and potentially create a world where she no longer has to downplay these feelings.

The vast majority of young adults will face reality with a desire to scream out loud, stand up against injustice, and look for attention. This is something she very much wants, but which she cannot do as it is easier to maintain a neutral mood than to be confronted with her own behavior. Sunniva has a strong ambivalence regarding taking up space when she to a certain extent wants it but also fears it. This project can be read as a product of the current time we live in where the absence of routines and human contact due to Covid-19 invites you to a meeting with everything you do not necessarily want to acknowledge in everyday life. In Sunniva’s case, this is to be in something other than a neutral mood (e.g. anger, melancholy, and joy), and to be able to stand in her own emotional reactions. It is easier to enter an ambivalent state than to actually acknowledge one’s own emotion.


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Rotterdam Photo

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