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Steven Natusch

What will be different Tomorrow?

War, pandemics, climate change, rapid developments in digitisation and technology confront one with an immense amount of suspense regarding the future. I am racking my brain, looking for my meaning in existence. The substance of life never felt so unstable. Humans determine their own being – is a human a being without content?

Think nothing, feel nothing, see nothing, the idea of nothingness has a long history as a concept of negation in language, as an abstract school of thinking in philosophy and as a creative act in art. From it emerges in the end – to be everything, or nothing. Within the environment of this concept, one quickly comes up against the limits of logical thinking and gets caught in paradoxes. But it is precisely this contradictoriness that creates the framework for expressing a relationship with the world that, like the term itself, is characterised by opposites. My work reflects a constant process of a search for importance, which so far, remains uncertain.

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Rotterdam Photo

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