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Steve Young

In this series, Steve Young explores the universal theme of liminality. The liminal quality of experience is always present and reflected both in the microcosm of personal experience and in the macrocosm of external life and at a collective level. Young explores this fundamental truth of change; shifting and moving life which, when observed closely, is seen to be the only constant of our existence.

The themes explored in this series are based partly on the well known text ‘rites of passage’, discussing the way traditional societies acknowledge the liminal through various rituals of passing. Young uses the structure of chronology in terms of different ages and times of life, to explore symbolically, what we are in our most fundamental nature. However, although true, we are living in a time of ‘hyper-liminality,’ whereby there is so much change taking place on a social, political and environmental level that our personal sense of security seems increasingly undermined. How do these changes affect us in the long run?


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