Rotterdam Photo

Sjoerd Valks

The ‘oneworld’ series by 32 year old photographer Sjoerd Valks was made on his trip around the world. Travelling from Amsterdam to Australia, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, New Zealand and New York, the ‘oneworld’ series celebrates travel.

Apart from the general compositions, the ‘oneworld’ series consists of several subseries;

‘Aero’: at some altitude the world is this serene

‘Drapery’: ancient and modern interlinked 

‘night & day’: the only constant

‘transient’: acquiescence

‘oneworld’ shows everywhere is somewhere, it is a celebration of travel. 

(All photography unedited, never artificial, everything always as is.)


Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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