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Sebastian Rogowski

‘Lost Way Home’ is an ongoing project inspired by Timothy Morton, a modern philosopher who redefines our understanding of the anthropocene and the place of humans in nature. 

Thousands of years of civilization, religion and tradition, of shaping what we define as culture has drifted humankind far away from their place of origin, from home.

In this process, we created a protective bubble that focuses on people, along with the artefacts of humankind including selected species that are used as tools for human wellbeing. Everything outside this bubble we call nature. A matter that we stigmatized as strange, dark, to be afraid of. Separated from us with glass walls. 

But Morton suggests that this glass doesn’t exist. That apart from the misconception that human beings are created in the image of god, we are in fact, part of this dark matter. 

We are nature. Everything we create is nature. Thus, we need to abandon the human gaze, which puts humans at the center because there are millions of other gazes, which consider us nothing but elements in this equation. In the eyes of other species our homes, our objects, the people are just another natural phenomenon.

‘Lost way home’ explores the human gaze on nature. It presents people who, after thousands of years of creating culture feel mispositioned in their home. It is an experiment that seeks to answer one vital question: if there is a way back home?


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Rotterdam Photo

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