Rotterdam Photo

Sarah Grethe

Sometimes the sky above us is open.

The photographic series seeks an examination on the concept of home. Sarah Grethe accompanies her mother’s return to the place where she grew up: a farm in southern Germany. The six siblings of the family were fundamentally involved in the work that had to be done there and formed for life through it. 

In the confrontation of an idealizing view and the distance from the actual place today, tensions between familiarity and strangeness, constancy and change become visible. They clarify how home and origin can both carry and constrict. 

The title Sometimes the sky above us is open refers to a quote from a letter her mother sent to her parents in 1999. When they found it again while doing research for the project, she couldn’t believe what she had written then. Narratives of a time that will never return emerged. 

How does home change for a person when she hasn’t lived there for a long time? And when she returns? 


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Rotterdam Photo

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