Rotterdam Photo

Ron Jagers

‘It is night. The world is dark, a pitch-black night. I am asleep. My heart is beating. My lungs filter the oxygen. Sounds penetrate me unconsciously. I perceive tingling smells. I feel the warmth of my blankets’.

The human senses are so basic. We often don’t even realise that they guide us through the world. We see every moment, but hardly realise it. We hear every moment, but we hardly realise it. We smell every moment, but we hardly realise it. We feel, but we hardly realise.

(Unless you are a visual artist, or a musician, or…)

Everything we do is almost careless. We are busier with concepts such as making money than with everyday reality: without seeing we bang against the wall, without hearing we don’t know which direction to take, without feeling we burn at the first light, without…

The lungs are formed in the first four weeks of embryonic development. The skin develops from the same cell structure. Lungs and skin have more in common than many people know. Lungs = breathing. Skin = feeling. Eyes = seeing. This project of photographer Ron Jagers for the Rotterdam Photo brings breathing, feeling and seeing together. An installation that has been given an extra topicality by Coronavirus.


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Rotterdam Photo

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