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Rienk de Vries (to be checked)

Gravity Fields

In the monotonous landscape of my youth the only tension to be found was in the sky. I spent many hours staring out of my bedroom window, gazing at the stars in the heavens above. During the day I strolled across the meadows, searching for eggs, special plants, or small creatures, to scrutinize under a small microscope. I learned to discover beauty and wonderment in both the tiniest and the largest of things. 

Somehow, I had the feeling that those microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds could reveal something about the world’s mysteries. Of course, at that time I didn’t know that scientists had been searching for many years for that holy grail, a ‘theory of everything’ that could explain the universe by uniting the laws of quantum physics and relativity – connecting the tiniest and the biggest. 

“Gravity Fields” focuses on the similarities of natural structures and the search for a thread to link the vast with the intimate, so that they almost become one.

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