Rotterdam Photo

Richard Wohlfarth

Stones are the most primal living things on this planet. Inhabited and adored by our ancestors, they still stand in the shadow of old legends that inspire our imaginations. Born in the fire, deformed by the collision of continents and hollowed out by water and ice, they form the back wheel of our earth.

Richard Wohlfarth’s series ‘Pareidolia’ is derived from the ancient Greek para, which means “beside, alongside” and the noun eidōlon meaning “image, form, shape”. His work deals with human perception and questions the photographic medium with its abstract tendencies. Captured on black and white film, these landscapes become subjective visual worlds, where meaning takes place on an individual level of interpretation. Wolfharth vehemently renounces color in order to allow the viewer a greater variety of explanations, for which he works with experimental alienation or image manipulation.


Instagram: @richardwohlfarth

Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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