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Ricardo Candia

In a way, each reality represents a world that is intertwined with others, each interpretation is a set of personal assumptions that interpret the environment, where everything alien exists although photographer Ricardo Candia ignores it.

His project The Uncertain tells the story about materiality that provokes a permanent watchful state permeated by the recesses of consciousness. Each element makes sense when it is appropriate, as a reflection and complement, perhaps, of an inner world that seeks to avoid the permanent abstraction. Therefore, each reading of the environment and of the other is an adaptation, an encounter of uncertainty with the obligation to see.

This new dystopian present then exhibits the shadow world of the unknown, where one cannot escape the subjectivity of this new scenario and the threat that knowing the difficulties of reality now represents. Once what is now presented as true has been discovered, the concern resounds about whether reality is definitive or is presented as a succession of uncertain realities.


Instagram: @ricardo.candia91

Facebook: Ricardo Joaquin Candia Hernández

Rotterdam Photo

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