Rotterdam Photo

Peter Rieser

Sceneries of Interaction

Peter Rieser translates his thoughts on the interaction between art and private public space into a mosaic of images – sceneries of interaction.

In the design process and repeated walks, even in public he feels a state of privacy and familiarity, which in turn is interfered with by the unusual and unfamiliar – all enclosed by the space of photography.

Through his process, he filters the generally accessible space for aesthetic reference points, observes the imprints of interpersonal interaction that arise in it and concretizes these using parameters of digital photography. Employing chance as a co-composer, Rieser does not stage his pictures – he sees, selects and organizes.

The boundaries between art that is placed in public as such and artistic impressions that arise in public space dissolve, and as the subjects of the photographs detach from their original context so do Peter Rieser’s framed inkjet prints detach from their exhibition walls.

Text by Rebecca Unz


Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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