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Nynke Brandsma

Mijn Duifje and series from Curaçao

Nynke Brandsma shows two series during Rotterdam Photo. 

‘Mijn Duifje’ is about a man who finds pigeons at the bakery, catches them, takes them home in socks and examines them there. With his biological science background, he tries to find answers to his research questions. He eats a residual product, the pigeon’s two breast muscles. In the past six months he has caught and eaten more than two hundred pigeons. The project shows a hidden city story in a very dry way and directly touches our quick judgement. It asks questions about nutrition, circular chains, possibilities and impossibilities and our human thoughts. 

Brandsma also shows the first images of her new work that she made in Curaçao. This work provides an insight into the lives of a number of Curaçao youths and shows a contradiction between growing up in a modern world on the one hand and the local living conditions on the other. Brandsma thus shows a lesser-known side of the island.

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