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Nicoló Filippo Rosso



In Latin America, a lack of job opportunities, access to education, political corruption, and impunity have persisted for generations fueling circles of violence and displacement that are both the symptoms and the causes of disrupted societies. For four years, Nicolo Filippo Rosso has traveled along migration routes documenting the journey of refugees and migrants from Venezuela to Colombia and from Central America to Mexico and the United States. Following children, adolescents, and pregnant and nursing women from different countries, he has seen countless stories of loss merging into a single narrative through the eyes of the most vulnerable migrants: those who are born, grow and die on the move. 

Decades of civil war, poverty, or violence make it difficult for migrants to find better conditions than those they are fleeing. Crossing borderlands controlled by gangs and rebel groups, people are exposed to trafficking and recruitment. Some never reach their destination. Others continue to move, often on foot, hoping to find a place where to start a new chapter of their lives.


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