Rotterdam Photo

Nicolaus Dinter

The series by photographer Nicolaus Dinter consists of four photos that have the theme ‘white rose’. The ‘white rose’ was a resistance group in the regime of Hitler. They fought for human rights before they were declared by the United Nations in 1948. The group decided to take a white rose as a symbol, to give people hope in difficult times. In the artist’s opinion, they were the real heroes who protected the local people by creating safe spaces in their neighbourhoods.

Today it might feel like we have the same ground of hopelessness, but Nicolaus Dinter suggests that if people can change the world in a regime of hopelessness, we too can change our perspective of the world. In his work, Nicolaus wants to show that there are possibilities in a space of no possibilities and that humans have the freedom to create. This is our grounding of success and solutions. He reminds us of the fact that perhaps the world is not perfect, but it can always become better.


Rotterdam Photo

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