Rotterdam Photo

Nicola Iafrate


Antropomorto emerges from the dichotomy between the analog and the digital world. Before, the man deus ex – machina dealt with creative and artisanal processes; today, man and matter have disappeared behind computer screens. Photographs are numbers, replicable patterns as blade runners who have lost their human side. Nowadays, the analog medium contradicts the current space-time; therefore, the digital transition made the instrument suitable for its time. In the ultra-fast era, analog techniques become the link with our past; they merge it with the present, keeping it alive. Likewise, the great challenge of the coming years is to preserve our environments by establishing new temporal and spatial solutions. Antropomorto is the author’s introspective journey through the Bolognese countryside. Here, the human presence has silently shaped the landscape, transforming the environment into an artificial space. Moreover, this process has forged our minds making us unable to adopt new perspectives. Antropomorto sheds light on peculiar events to guide the observer on this journey. Through analog photography, this project reflects on the complexity of the evolution of human society: the personal moments overlap, generating images that belong to a dimension far from chronological realism. Antropomorto suggests feelings hidden in the anguish of the unknown.

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Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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