Rotterdam Photo

Natalina Zainal

Like many abandoned houses, forgotten and rotting away, there are millions of lonely and forgotten human beings out there. People who couldn’t find their place in society, living life in the shadows of our cities. Next to us sometimes but for most of us invisible.

Never was being alone a bigger issue than today, where everybody has to cope with it. There must have been a moment for everyone, when it got so quiet, it became unbearable. Yet is it the same for those with a family, a network of companions who do care, even if they are physically apart? How must it be if you are alone for real…

Out of a strong attraction for deserted places, this Natalina Zainal’s project came alive. The idea of a rundown hotel, where the residents are as neglected as their home. The locations are real abandoned houses found in Switzerland and Italy. The scenery is practically untouched, maybe a kettle here, a telephone there, which were brought in as props (and returned after, as a rule of urban exploring says: leave nothing behind but your footsteps). The characters are artists, actors and friends, many of them without any specific experience as models.



Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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