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Monika Kozub

Midsummer Sisterhood

In summer 2020, after long months of lockdown, I came up with an idea to combine celebrating the summer solstice and womanhood – Midsummer Sisterhood. I put a post on social media that I’m looking for women willing to become a part of the project. No previous experience in front of the camera was necessary, and women of all ages, sizes and shapes were welcome. 

I was in awe at how female energy, when shared, can transform and empower women. For most of the women it was a turning point in their lives – they told me how they finally stopped being ashamed of the “imperfections” in their bodies, and started celebrating the joy and pleasure our bodies bring. That’s why I decided to repeat the experience this year, and keep doing an edition every summer, celebrating sisterhood and nature.

I feel that we tend to think about the human blueprint on the world in a negative way, and rightly so – seeing how we destroyed the natural environment. But I think it’s mostly because we forgot that we and nature are one. And that’s what I’m hoping to achieve with Midsummer Sisterhood.


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Rotterdam Photo

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