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Mikhail Grebenshchikov

Paysage should be a portrait

“A paysage should be a portrait. If it is not quite similar to nature, then what is in it?”

These words of the young artist from the “Walk to the Academy of Arts” by the Russian poet Konstantin Batiushkov served as an impetus to the discourse on the borders of graphic genres and on the borders of the abstract and fi gurative, the fi gure and the background. In an environment in which it is diffi cult to separate nature from human intervention, a paysage can be that image which appeals to the nature of visual perception as such. In these photo shots, I tried to reach the paysage vision, and assemble complex physiognomy of everyday urban environments with natural, man-made and human components.

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Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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