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Michelle Carolina Levie

“We are Nature” is a project by Michelle Carolina Levie, a freelance photographer, who is looking for various ways to visualize human connection to the earth. It envisions connecting the world by viewing the differences and similarities within the landscape, and the journey of food from the ground into our homes. She seeks for this project to help people find there is an albeit tacit at times, high level of connectedness amongst people from different nationalities and backgrounds. Food as a cross-generation and cross-cultural connecting agent. Food is a common denominator across societies.

This project aims at taking the conversation back to the basics: the earth. Look into the hills of Colombia where your bananas might come from, or the rice that grows with the heat of the Indian sun, or on the vast dutch flat land with greenhouses. Understand the environment, where does this piece of produce come from? Who has been taking care of them while they grow? How did it get to my table? How can I take part and learn about sustainable living?


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Rotterdam Photo

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