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Michael Croghan

In Plain Sight 

I am a visual artist from Longford, County Longford, Ireland, and I have selected works from my photographic archive over the last few years, covering my covid experiences and lockdowns. My main location is my home place, and Dublin because of study. (2017-2021) BA Honours Degree in photography TUDublin, and currently (2021-2023) IADT ARC, Art and Research, Masters Program.

My style is one of faithful realism, focused on the everyday banal, which is always a great inspiration for me. Life, no matter the situation, can always surprise you. In plain sight, everyday banal spaces can be inspiring, defiant and poetic, if we just see beyond the initial veil. I am fascinated by the in-between spaces in any location.

I photographed my local commonalities with a lyricism and familiarity that transcends the moment. The covid restrictive period made the work all the more poignant, looking with more focus on my subjects, people and landscapes. The selection is focused on the hope that this is just a moment in time, and that even in the mundane, you can find inspiration, defiance and encouragement.

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Rotterdam Photo

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