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Mélanie Ganino

Between red and green

Between red and green is a photography exhibition and selection of sights on our environments and ecosystems. It is an ongoing attempt at a photographic approach Mélanie is pursuing, which started with the creation of the publication Radical Survival Toolkit, a publication that gathers tools, rituals and radical reflections to explore and imagine possibilities to survive in a more desirable world. 

This work is guided by nature’s liminal forms where it touches and mirrors our deepest self and connects our body to our primary senses. Inspired by the currents of the seasons and what they can teach and offer us through deep introspection, her presented work aims to enlighten the guidance nature can provide if we slowly look and listen. 

Together with Mélanie’s vision, Francesco Martello was invited to present a series of photographs, offering a dialogue between both of their photographic worlds. His work is recalling the symbiosis that nature wants us to reconnect with. Our identity is reflected in where we live and how we take care of the resource around us. It is essential to remind our spirits to create a resolution and raise harmony towards nature. Home is our mother earth.

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Rotterdam Photo

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