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Mélanie Ganino

Where you see yourself

‘Where you see yourself” is an ongoing research project Mélanie is pursuing, guided by the reflections of the Common Dreams School – an eco-pedagogical project led by Maria Lucia Cruz Correia aimed at exploring, imagining, and creating alternatives to deal with climate change.

Inspired by nature’s form, she depicts its delicacy, where it touches and mirrors our deepest self and connects our body to our primary purpose. It presents the currents of the seasons and what nature can teach us through deep introspection. It shows the guidance nature can provide if we slowly look and listen.

These pictures accompany the tools in the pages of the Radical Survival Toolkit, the publication Mélanie developed along with her collective, which gathers tools, rituals, and radical reflections from the Common Dreams School and elsewhere. The publication (available during the exhibition) proposes open research on adaptation to the unknown and unstable, and questions through different forms the possibilities of a more desirable world.

Francesco Martello was invited to offer his perspective on how our environment is worthy of our attention and how our bodies, minds, and spirits can relate to it.

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Rotterdam Photo

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