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Maxime Michelet (to be edit)

My sisters and brothers

In the family albums, the first photos, proof of our existence, do not represent us alone.

In a bubble bath, under the Christmas tree, on the beach, all dressed up; our early moments feature us with our close-in-age relatives : our sisters and brothers.

‘My sisters and brothers’ stems from this realisation as it recreates some of the silly or sacred moments that unite siblings. Be it a meal or a game, from the garden to the sofa, grieving or laughing, this series revives all the mischievous and solemn times that exalt siblinghood.

The combination of all these scenes draws a world : a world of tied blood, of allied rivals, of our last support, for they were our first.

Each group of siblings is presented in a staging that is symbolic of their specific bond. Immersed in all these family tales, I then witnessed the knitting of a network made of friends, cousins, friends’ sisters and cousins’ brothers, and the brothers’ sisters, and our sisters’ brothers. 

Beyond all the photos, siblinghood then takes on a whole new meaning.

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