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Mascha Dilger

When Mascha Dilger started photography, she mainly captured objects and landscapes. Their immobility gave her the time needed to observe, to focus, to compose, to decide – and finally press the release. It’s the things, their form, color and texture, that are appealing to her. When she has found an object she shuts out every distraction around her. The same perspective can be detected in her later portrait photography.

Especially during the COVID-19 crisis, photography was a way out of the home office, out of isolation, to get in touch with nature, to walk and wander around. Analog photography can be a tool to give back a sense of time that seems to constantly be rushing around us.

Until now Mascha would hardly dare to exhibit her photographs in public; it was her own little cosmos, protected from the world outside. Today she gives us a few insights into her photographic collection.

Instagram: @maschinskaja

Rotterdam Photo

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