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Martin Kesting

Sylvia Zirden: KERMESS

People go to the funfair to get away from grey everyday life, be it through extreme physical experiences, playful distractions or simply immersion into a foreign world. And accordingly, the carnies create a sense of escapism, strangeness, adventure with a frenzy of colors and clichés. This overwhelming feeling the photogapher Sylvia Zirden tries to emulate in her work.


© Sylvia Zirden – Kermess

Martin Kesting: THE WHEEL

A trip to the Himalayas and South East Asia to work on a book. It became a meditation on transience and mortality. Inner and outer journeys in four chapters: Circling Around Places of Power, Transition Rites, Politics and Religion, Drama and Martial Arts.

“Urban Book Award” Shortlist 2020

“Prix de la Photographie, Paris” Bronze Winner 2021


© Martin Kesting – The Wheel

Volker Hagemann: LOOK BACK

In Volker Hagemann’s series look back, portraits of real people and city scenes intertwine with advertisement industry faces behind window panes of big city streets, looking at passersby as potential role models. Glass connects both worlds, reflecting streets and city lights. It’s all about collective dreams and a sense of belonging, frozen into pictures.


© Volker Hagemann – Look Back

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