Rotterdam Photo

Marloes Moraal

What is the essence of being pure and authentic? Who are we – with or without others? This is what Moraal investigates in her portraits. A lot of the images in this series display a certain loneliness, but they also revolve around themes like the complexity of social interactions, self awareness, self acceptance and the ability to be a pure authentic self in or without relation to others.

A lot of Moraal’s images are of children in an age where their self awareness is still developing. By applying subtle changes to the bodily postures, Moraal gives her subjects a certain strangeness. This invites the viewer to take a closer look and to connect to the emotional depth of the work. All the images consist of layers that have been carefully digitally manipulated. In these digital manipulations, Moraal uses soft colors and little contrast. This results in photos with a painterly touch, suggesting a certain softness and tranquility in her images.


Instagram: @marloesmoraal

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Rotterdam Photo

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