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Marieke Matthijs

The Covid-19 lockdown was a struggle for many. People were limited to their homes and often had to cook with the ingredients that were available in the kitchen cabinets. Fear of the virus created a challenge in the kitchen and in life at home. But every challenge also has a positive side.

While Matthijs found herself battling with feelings of depression during the lockdown, she found that her bed was a favoured spot and food turned out to be a comfort in more ways than one. Being deprived of access to her studio, Matthijs decided to turn her kitchen at home into a workspace. She started experimenting with creating textures resembling textile with only edible ingredients and tools available in her kitchen. Matthijs photographed the textures in her series “When reality adjusts itself” to depict the sheets on her bed during the lockdown period from March until June 2020.

Although it did not always meet her ‘’huidhonger” (a Dutch word that emerged during the lockdown, describing a new phenomenon: the hunger of human contact), the warmth of her bed occasionally helped to cope with the lack of physical contact outside my immediate family. She found comfort in preparing and consuming food, as it helped to fill her agenda in a time when outside activities were minimised.


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Rotterdam Photo

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