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Marco Serventi


In large urban areas, green spaces have always provided a rare opportunity for residents to find some solace from the incessant demands of modern life. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of urban green spaces was amplified tenfold. For millions of people, parks became the sole connection with nature, providing an essential moment of respite, a glimpse of freedom. 

This was acutely felt in New York, a city of 8 million people where access to nature has historically been limited and subject to stark inequalities.  

Here, parks represent much more than just recreational spaces. They are places of personal and collective rituals, where the sacred intersects with the profane, where the public meets private, and where the mundane is embroidered with the mystical. 

Sanctuary’ explores how New Yorkers from all boroughs share the common pursuit of a moment of grounding and a renewed connection with others, nature, and themselves.

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Rotterdam Photo

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