Rotterdam Photo

Marco Guenzi

Paradoxes and other adventures of contemporaneity 

by Gigliola Foschi 

Marco Guenzi is explicitly tackling the contradictions, the dramas and the absurdities of our contemporary  world. We are afflicted from all directions by news, events, behaviors, advertising and whatnot. But how can  we react to this deluge of disturbing information? How can we react without turning our head away in order  not to see, or without surrendering to anguish or depressive helplessness? 

Marco chooses to react through bitter, paradoxical and disorienting laughter. His images zoom in deeply and  simultaneously expand outwards starting from some of the most pressing problems of our complex and  interconnected time where new political, economic, social, technological and cultural issues overlap  continuously. He is putting forth work that analyses our times, purposefully exposing contradictions. He  creates images that feed on a pop and hyper-colored aesthetic and are based on demystifying humor. He 

contrasts the affirmative, one-way and super-obvious photographs that are omnipresent on the web with  images capable of disturbing and raising doubts. 

Marco builds works full of multi-meaning and temporal details to be looked into, in which images and texts  play together so as to create a paradoxical device spreading in multiple directions. He is offering works that  have the explicit objective of making you think. 


Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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