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Marcin Olesinski

Photographer Marcin Olesinski is fascinated by all sorts of light, e.g. a lamp, the sun or a reflection on a piece of metal. For him, light is not a tool but the object in the centre of all his works. The form of his expression is inspired by his near-sightedness (Lat.: myopia) – eye disorder which causes distant objects to appear blurry while close objects appear normal. The result are images which look like a graphic work or a painting, but are real photos made with a camera.

From this “disability” Marcin wants to approach and nurture photography in a different way, namely to focus on light as the object in the centre of the lens’ attention, with the purpose to conjure up non-realistic images involving not obvious compositions. His work allows us to understand how people with near-sightedness can experience the world without glasses on.

Moreover, Marcin wants to give more self-confidence to all his near-sighted fellows: “We very often have complexes because we can see worse than other people, but what we can experience is actually very special.” Marcin wants all near-sighted people to turn this weakness into their strength and a wonder that not everybody can own and enjoy.


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Rotterdam Photo

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