Rotterdam Photo

Liam Bailey (to be edit)

Still in the game

The men in the images have re-connected by playing walking football, and the work looks to create a new identity around the players using symbols as a way of elevating their status, which in recent times has felt to them diminished. The work is created with the photographer capturing elements of his life and adding to the faux pictorialist montages. This new work is a timely re-situation of the historical male sports figure within the context of contemporary constructed portraiture. In utilising decorative and religious iconography, football worship and profound vanity within a layered digital frame, this study aims to examine the changing nature of the social contract of the white male hetero-normative identity within an ageing demographic, suggesting new ways of seeing gender, class, currency and identity.

11 x 120mm x 89mm portraits on 230g 

Fine art paper, mounted on Aluminum Plates

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Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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