Rotterdam Photo

László Gálos

Restricted life is not just a product of the COVID-era. Now it has simply become more striking what kind of foundations we build on.

Isolation is the foundation of our society, maybe even of our culture. Although we declare over and over for centuries that our principal value is freedom, we build fences, railings, walls between ourselves and each other.

Safety first! Even if life and cognition are pushed into the background in this way…

Photographer László Gálos has been taking ambrotypes of the structures that separate everything from everyone since 2016. The illuminative surface of these silver dominated glass pictures can be used as windows in our inner walls. Through them, maybe we can see our world as it is in fact: as a world of isolated individuals.


Fence. Barrier. Wall.

Sometimes doors, other times windows,

Covered by bars. Mesh wire. Barbed Wire.


They sometimes fall, tear, crumble.

We sometimes knock them down, tear them asunder, break them apart.


And we build new ones:

Bigger, stronger. Many more.


Lest we should touch each other.

Lest we should enter into physical reality.


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Rotterdam Photo

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