Rotterdam Photo

Jung Ui Lee

Project 1. ‘간판’ (Gan-Pan) – Signboard

The surface of the buildings keeps changing. After the pandemic, tenants unable to pay the rent should leave the building. Then a new signboard is set for a new tenant. – or space remains empty because of prohibiting gathering and social distancing. It’s not entirely because of the pandemic but makes worse. If you visit the place in the photograph again, you can recognize the change immediately. Some signboards have gone, some others are new.

Project 2. Children’s Portrait 2021

A child comes into a studio. Of course, the child is wearing a mask. – because of the gov. regulations – And a photographer says to him, “Please take a mask off for the picture.” The child answers, “Well, I don’t want to take a mask off.”  He hesitates to take it off and feels danger in the studio. The photographer spends some time persuading the boy. He is about four years old. He has been wearing a face mask since last year. And these two years are half of his life. He must have realized that he should wear a face mask as soon as he was born. It’s ordinary for him.


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Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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