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Joske Vink

Making Memories Out Of Memories  

How can we travel in the future?  

We live in a time where you no longer need to physically visit a place to travel.  Traveling can also be done digitally. Almost every place in the world can be  found in the digital world. This world is endless, which gives us an escape. We  can use this to our advantage when we aren’t able to cross the borders. When we’re too old to go so far away, for example. 

In order to discover this, I started reliving an existing memory myself. Namely a travel story of my grandparents from 1999 through Scandinavia. What did they see? What memories have they made?  


Digital journey  

Based on this photo album with the written stories and photos, I looked up the  exact same places on Google Streetview. From now on, they can relive this  journey again and again, from their own living room.  

By digitally reliving these memories they are cherished and immortalized.  Emotions and feelings are evoked without having to be physically present at the place. The travel story spreads in the here and now.  

My concept brings new possibilities for the elderly to travel. 

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Rotterdam Photo

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