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Jorrit ‘t Hoen

The Parallel Universe series by photographer Jorrit ‘t Hoen is part of an ongoing project in which he is exploring the role nature plays in everyday life. What does nature look like in our personal environment, work space and the public domain? How do we relate to it? How do we express ourselves through nature?

The fish tanks and terrariums in these pictures are living cutouts of tropical forests, rivers and reefs, mirroring their original habitats from thousands of miles away. Sophisticated techniques allow us to control all the conditions under which these exotic plants and animals live, making us the masters of a self-created universe.

Jorrit photographed the interiors exactly the way he found them, leaving everything in place. The only thing he did was turn off all the house lights, using the light from the tanks and terrariums to show just enough of the surroundings. This created a mysterious atmosphere in which these magic miniature worlds form a strong contrast with the ordinary living rooms they are placed in.


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Rotterdam Photo

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