Rotterdam Photo

Johanna Encrantz

Johanna Encrantz, who lives in Zurich, works as a photographer in the field of commissioned and art photography. Her roots are in Sweden, where she has spent every summer since childhood on the southern east coast.

Nature and the wilderness of the north inspired her to create the photo series ‘A Story by Emily Dickinson’. The view from above, from a treetop in the forest over the landscape, invites you to fly. Things in nature are important, we move in them, the forest, the trees, the wind, the air – together with all the little creatures and plants around us. This feeling of beauty makes us happy and sad at the same time, because it means vulnerability. Emily Dickinson gives expression to this feeling in her poem ‘Sister’: ‘One sister have I in our house – and one a hedge away / there is only one recorded, but both belong to me.. still in her eye / the violets lie..’ To photograph this series was like creating a diary of memories and dreams.


Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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