Rotterdam Photo

Joar Vestergren

“Fotonihilism, Eller vad är ett gott liv?” 

(Photo Nihilism, or what is a decent life?)

In the aftermath of mental illnes, a breakup from a previous partner and his best friends suicide Joar Vestergren dives deep into his artistic call to find purpose to life and answers to the question “what might be a decent, good life?”

In this project Joar processes his ambivalent relation to the outside world and his own well being. With the help of photography and writing he depicts the chaotic world that plays out before his eyes. There is misanthropy, decadence and hopelessness mixed together with documents from everyday life, party, rapture, love and tears.

This lifelong project becomes a documentation, as well as a raw idealization, of life’s endless suffering while the photographer laughs and looks into the face of death. When the narrative becomes heavier, the next chapter will make you laugh.

“This is how my world looks like. This is my life and it is a good life”


Instagram: @joarvn


Rotterdam Photo

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