Rotterdam Photo

Jimmy Lee


After the protests in 2019, Hong Kong seems to be back to normal. However, the tiny traces on the city’s corners have wrought an indelible trauma on all: Hong Kong has been taken away, and many are psychologically shaken and changed. The Hong Kong cityscape, covered as it was by protest slogans and the remnants of Molotov cocktails, conveyed the memory of resistance and the battle against political violence.

‘Negative’ is a landscape project on the aftermath of the political unrest in Hong Kong. It aims to expose personal and collective traumatic memory existing on the veneer of the Hong Kong cityscape, unveil the national consciousness of Hongkongers after facing a disastrous revolt and propose a new visual strategy to refamiliarize the violent event by photographing the traces remaining on public space. This project considers inverted imagery as a metaphor to depict cultural feelings, mourn for the loss and expose the latency of my own PTSD experience.

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Rotterdam Photo

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