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Jeffrey Hsu

Pleasure of Abjection is a methodology.

Julia Kristeva’s “Powers of Horror” delves into Freudian and Lacanian concepts of pleasure and self in order to examine the human reaction of horror when it comes to the breakdown between subject and object. This can also be seen as a kind of breakdown between self and others. Disrupted boundaries indicate a pre-linguistic space where binaries do not exist. As such, Jeffrey Hsu is interested in the breakdown of separation between our waste and our bodies. The act of ejection is a concrete and recognizable separation. What happens when that boundary deteriorates?

Just as emesis and defecation are results of bodily digestive logic, his work ingests photography of these ejections in order to become a material separation of its own. Jeffrey re-articulates materials to the ends of deriving visual pleasure. Inasmuch as Laura Mulvey challenges patriarchal narrative pleasure in visual culture, he presents an alternate meaning to the concept of disgust in Pleasure of Abjection.


Rotterdam Photo

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