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Jacqueline Louter

Where do we find freedom?

This question in the Rotterdam Photo call got me thinking about what freedom is, whether it exists and what defines it. Freedom can come from the absence of influences or restrictions from others, from liberation from something. This concept of freedom focuses on circumstances and the impossibilities or possibilities to change them. Freedom can also be approached as freedom from within, the freedom to create and observe our thoughts. There is no certainty and limited control over what happens to a person. What helps us is to create freedom in our response. Within each of us is a source of inner freedom.

For this notion of inner freedom, I create a visual expression. In this process, I look at historical symbols, forms, and imagery in philosophy and religion, such as the triptych, an altarpiece consisting of a central panel and two outer panels, and offerings in the form of flowers.

My work ‘Triptych’ consists of three related images, which flow into each other. The panels of the triptych on which the scene is printed are freely hanging by means of a hanging system with wires.

In my work, photographic techniques are the starting point. I often create staged images that find their form in prints, installations, and 3D objects. I am interested in the search for tranquility and mysticism and regularly base myself on historical references.

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Rotterdam Photo

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