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Jacobien de korte

The series Spirit, inspired by the theme Planet Human, has been photographed by photographer Jacobien de Korte in different locations and countries, both in urban and natural environments. All these different connections eventually form a whole. The project is still ongoing and it will be expanded with several works during the festival, as well as with photos from her other series.

The series Spirit was created to portray stories of different people. All depicted are at a point in their lives where they ask questions, make choices, or even make a change. Courage is essential for this change. By capturing these important events in people’s lives, Jacobien wants to give them strength. Usually, she works relying on her experiences and feelings. This series for the first time has a different approach.

The Covid-19 crisis plays a not insignificant role in this series. Communication, connection, isolation, solitude, estrangement, and (self)prudence are elements that Jacobien often uses as inspiration in her work and for this project particularly.


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Rotterdam Photo

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