Rotterdam Photo

Jack Davies (to be edit)

I Used To Be a Mountain  (a ‘K-H’ of the EU)

Over the course of three years (2019-22) I traveled to one place in each EU country using the alphabet as a guide, starting in Kaunas and ending in Helsinki. Initially, this ‘K to H’ was about seeing the EU from a fresh perspective and making the most of my ‘freedom to move’ before Brexit restrictions began. 

However, as the journey progressed and Europe struggled through Covid and other crises, I felt the project morph into something more unsettling. Against this backdrop, I attempted to make sense of my own new alienation from the EU.

I began to look at the grey area separating the unique identity of a place and its more generic aspects. Each place had its own history, yet they all shared something of the same aesthetic. Where was this line that separated a marked (and marketed) sense of the individual from the homogenizing effects of modern design? What do we need to ignore in order to take home a pristine impression of a city’s ‘special character’? 

I walked at random, paying attention to the surfaces, textures and design codes that surrounded me, wondering how this materiality might add up to something we might label ‘atmosphere’. Perhaps there were clues hidden in the concrete of this ambiguous landscape. 

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Rotterdam Photo

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