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Ira Lupu

Relationships have been rendered increasingly remote, occurring over video calls on the other side of a screen. Project ‘On Dreams and Screens’ by photographer Ira Lupu investigates how intimate and real you can get through a web camera, and what emotional patterns are likely to be formed after hours spent in the online fantasy machine. It scrutinizes the liminal space where a real body transitions into a virtual one, and vice versa.

Online webcam models turn out to be experts in the field of screen-based human bonding — their livelihood depends on it. She focused on a group of Ukrainian girls with camming experience. Ira photographed and interviewed them in moments of self-contemplation — in the places of their childhood, favorite nature spots, or at home. What have they learned? Who are they? What do they have to teach us?

Ultimately, she seeks to understand the paradoxical relationship of intimacy and distance, connection and disconnection, in a world newly transformed. How do these relationships affect a person’s self-image and real-life perception? Who do we become when we exchange desires over a keyboard?


Instagram: @iralupu

Rotterdam Photo

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