Rotterdam Photo

Guillaume Simioni

If we keep on destroying the natural world at the same rate as we do now, it will soon no longer exist. By degrading our environment and disrupting the climate, we jeopardize our own life support. Beyond that, Guillaume Simioni also believes we spiritually depend on nature. Those project pictures were taken in natural places around the world. Some of those places he had lived or worked in. Some photos were taken on film, others with digital equipment. All were solarized. With solarization, parts of the tonalities of a picture are reversed.

The result is an image partly positive and partly negative, which therefore carries a symbolic component that matches well, Guillaume thinks, the ambiguous relationship humans have with nature. We revere its beauty, yet we exploit and ruin it. This positive/negative mixture also reflects my own personal feelings: my love for nature and the pain of seeing it disappearing. Solarization creates an eerie atmosphere, making places and creatures look unreal. And indeed, Guillaume wonders what will remain of them in 100, 50, or even 20 years. Those images portray the ghosts of nature. It is when we lose something that we fully realize its importance, and he fears it is not before we have destroyed everything that we will understand how important and sacred nature was. By then, humans will only be able to see nature while dreaming, and it will be their last dream.


Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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